Male Hair Loss & Mens Hair Systems



Can I go to the gym wearing it ?
Yes you can but sometimes we find that excessive sweating requires the need to have your hair piece refitted more often.
How often do I need refitting ?
Everyone is different, we have clients who come every two weeks for a refit with a cut and blow dry. Other clients come every four weeks, some people leave it longer, it depends on your lifestyle.
How often should I get a new hair system ?
On average people use three hair systems in a year, it’s all down to how well you look after it.
Can I sleep in it ?
Can I do sports e.g. Football, Swimming, Boxing ?
Yes you wear it as if it’s your own hair.
Can I shower wearing the hair system ?
Yes you can shower, and yes you can use shampoo and conditioner.
How do I take it off ?
There is a special removal solution or we will remove it for you.
Is the hair system for anyone ?
Yes anyone can wear this hair system. The hair system does not suit everybody’s lifestyle or personality but this will be discussed in the consultation.
Why do I need a consultation ?
When investing in your new hair we need to make sure it’s right for you. In the consultation we will look at your scalp and your existing hair. We will discuss your lifestyle to ensure we can match your own hair colour with the system e.g. what sports you may do. It is important we get a full understanding of your lifestyle so that we make the best recommendations to you.
Can I fit the hair system myself ?
We do not recommend it. It is very difficult as you will see when you get your new hair system.
How much does it cost ?
We have 3 ways you can pay, see our Hair Piece Maintenance Programs.
Will it blow off in the wind ?
No it is very secure. A lot of people go running and to the gym with no problems.
Do I need special products to shampoo and condition my new system ?
Yes you do so that the adhesive does not break down. This will be explained to you in the consultation.
Can I use hair products ?
Yes we will recommend the right hair products for you to use on your new hair. You have to be careful what products you use so that they do not damage your hair system nor make the adhesive come loose.
What is the main problem people have with the system ?
The main problem is people don’t keep up with the maintenance.