MOOD Daily Care Shampoo


Daily Care Shampoo is the shampoo with Lychee extracts specific for fine or dull hair and for frequent washing.
Thanks to its formulation it can:

Gently cleanse the hair
Strengthen and moisturise the hair fibres
Improve the integrity of the hair, with the aid of its wheat proteins, making it easier to comb out

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The formula is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair and the scalp:

  • Lychee extracts: with energising, conditioning and moisturising properties, perfect for fine hair;
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5): with a moisturising effect that acts on the hair and scalp;
  • Vitamin E: the natural molecule with antioxidant action;
  • Keratin amino acids: that strengthen the hair giving it body;
  • Wheat amino acid derivatives: combine the body giving action of proteins with silicone’s filmogenic effect.

All of the products in the Mood Daily Care line contain Lychee extracts. They are formulated for the treatment for fine or dull hair and frequent washing.