Yanna Brick Orange/Flowers

Print may vary

For those seeking a vibrant, chemo headscarf, Yanna Brick/Orange Flowers is for you. This bamboo style features the popular cap + headscarf combo. Notably, its gorgeous brick cap feels divine on the skin. Additionally, it acts as the perfect backdrop for the scarf’s fresh, floral motifs. These Italian prints are deliciously warm-toned. On the other hand, the use of baby blue further highlights this gorgeous contrast.

This product completely radiates warmth. Also, it is a superbly dynamic product. For instance, there a numerous ways to tie the scarf. Try out different looks to discover what suits you best. Additionally, it provides the chance to add your creative flair. The headscarf may be worn without its counterpart as a hair accessory, with a wig. The use of bamboo material allows your skin to breathe, simultaneously delivering a super-soft experience