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MOOD Colour Protect Package

Color Protect Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum

Color Protect Shampoo is the shampoo with Pomegranate extracts for dyed hair.
Thanks to its formulation:

  • It gently cleanses the hair and scalp
  • It adds emollient and moisturising agents
  • It protects and helps to lengthen the life of the haircolor

Color Protect Conditioner is the moisturising conditioner specifically for dyed or treated hair. With Pomegranate extracts, which have antioxidant properties, this conditioner:

  • Helps to protect and lengthen the life of the haircolor
  • Nourishes the hair making it easier to comb out

Color Protect Serum is the protective serum with an acid pH, which, thanks to its formulation, is able to:

  • Close the hair’s cuticles after the hair colour treatment
  • Ensure long-lasting and brilliant hair colour

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