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Arosci Intensive Moisture Shampoo


A deep hydrating shampoo improving manageability and leaving hair with exceptional shine. Formulated with hydrolyzed wheat protein which harmonises the moisture protein balance deep within the cuticle. Contains UV filters. For all hair types requiring intense moisture.


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Arosci Intensive Moisture Shampoo 400ml

The Arosci Intensive Moisture Shampoo

(pronounced “AH-ROW-SIGH”) is a salon exclusive professional haircare range which prides itself in offering unique haircare and styling requirements for a MULTI-TEXTURED salon clientele.

AROSCI combines the power of “aroma” and “science” to deliver the latest in texture enhancements, conditioning treatments and styling technologies for the ultimate in texture care.

To Balance

Beautifully fragranced shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioning treatments designed to work synergistically to keep all hair types and textures in a harmonious state by gently cleansing, moisturizing, strengthening, protecting and nourishing the hair.

Intensive Moisture Shampoo 400 ml

Description: A deep hydrating shampoo improving manageability and leaving hair with exceptional shine. Formulated with hydrolyzed wheat protein which harmonizes the moisture protein balance deep within the cuticle. Contains UV filters.

Usage: For all hair types requiring intense moisture.

Aroma: A relaxing and restorative fragrance of summer roses, cactus flower extracts and honey.

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Arosci Moisture Treatment  


A blend of penetrating moisturizers and surface conditioners with Vitamin E that evens out hair porosity whilst replenishing moisture loss. Formulated with Panthanol to restore condition to dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Contains UV filters.

A relaxing and restorative fragrance of golden honey, summer roses and cactus flower extracts.

Usage: For all hair types requiring strength and moisture.After shampooing with Arosci Intensive Moisture Shampoo then apply Arosci moisture treatment

Aroma: A relaxing and restorative fragrance of golden honey, summer roses and cactus flower extracts.

The AROSCI story continues!

The original AROSCI range introduced globally nearly 30 years ago has now been totally updated with new innovative products and enhanced formulations.

This is the result of a technical development team dedicated to providing salon owners, hair stylists and their clients, with a range of professional haircare products that ensure outstanding results

The AROSCI professional haircare products range makes you have beautiful hair